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Nikki Anne

Nikki AnneSure the lovely brunette Nikki Anne may be 25 years old but, that doesn't mean she's a pro at performing in front of the camera to an audience of several thousand guys who will be jerking off to her cum swallowing after she gets her partner off during a deepthroat blowjob attempt. Watch carefully as she begins to open her mouth after taking off her bra to show off her boobs and panties allowing you to see that she's shaved. You'll see that she's very nervous only until her man gets deep into her throat.

Jeanie Marie

Jeanie MarieJeanie Marie is a gorgeous blue eyed, blonde haired hottie who began her hardcore porn career right out of high school at the ripe age of 18. Her boobs are still not yet fully developed even though she has just turned 24. You can see her cameltoe crack because her cotton panties are too tight but we won't complain about that especially once you've seen her collect cum squirting from her lover's cock after she has given him one of her deepthroat blowjobs where the guys balls are smashing against her chin.

Puma Swede

Puma SwedeJust one look into the sadistic eyes of the exotic Puma Swede and you'll be under her trance. This wild hottie can take a big fat dick slammed into her pussy then shoved into her mouth where he can pound it down her neck with just as much power and she never even blinks those mesmerizing eyes of hers. This 35 year old MILF will look right into your eyes and never choke once while you squirt your very best cum shot into her throat without so much as one small flinch even when swallowing your whole load.
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