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Ashley Jensen

Ashley JensenAt 24 years old, the lovely cum drinking Ashley Jensen is a fan favorite with her natural tattooed boobs of stars right next to her nipples that are hard more often than not. This man pleasing hottie had her tongue pierced to install a cock sucking pin that is supposed to assist in the pleasure of the guy whose dick she happens to be deep throating on any particular day. She also does FFM scenes with her best friend who is equally as attractive as she, so get ready for some serious masturbation.


GigiGigi is one of those girls that you fall in love with on your first cyber date. Her blue eyes have that desire to please look about them and when you grab the back of her head and feel the softness of her long blonde hair as it flows onto your legs while she opens her mouth wide so you can slide your dick between those cum sucking lips it's just throat fucking from there on in and the deeper you go the better she likes it. Just make sure you fuck her juicy shaved pussy so she goes out with you again.

Devon Monroe

Devon MonroeDevon Monroe is about to become a MILF aged pornstar so she figured what better way to enjoy the prime of her life but to get her vagina filled with dicks of all different lengths and thickness but, after her lovers get done fucking her shaved pussy, they take a look at her big soft boobs then her lips and since they can't make up their mind whether to give her a titty fuck or get a blowjob, they end up doing both. She doesn't really care just as long as she ends up with a cum filled mouth in the end.
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